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Trial of Anguish - nerds
Posted By: Senvy, on host
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2001, at 15:58:09

I found the bus, and I'm pretty sure I have to help the nerds get the rest of the way to the promised land before I get the item that the director says I need....but, Natalie doesn't have anything that interests me, neither does the junkyard, and the nerds aren't helping, all they can say is "k-k-k-curses", and Chris, whom I seem to remember having some things in his pocket, isn't lending them. I've finished the four tasks for the professors, and I can't figure out anything else to do! Oh, and the ladder doesn't strech all of the way across the chasm in the sewers. Argh!

You're Carrying:

3 Rocks
Hovercar Key
Red Dress
Enrollment Sheet

Map of Elkland
Quantum Calculator
High-Heeled Shoes
Course Textbooks
Luna's List

Rusty Key
Jug of Acid

Gym Shorts
Note from Chris
Dinner Invitation

ID Card
Tennis Shoes
Gas Canister

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