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Re: TOA - The Rat
Posted By: paulajo, on host
Date: Friday, October 26, 2001, at 19:36:09
In Reply To: Re: TOA - The Rat posted by gremlinn on Thursday, October 25, 2001, at 23:45:39:

> > I have been trying for 3 nights to corner this thing. I thought I had it last night..It went through the crates and was making noise. I was going back and forth hoping it would come out. Then he was quiet..I roamed around, couldn't find him..Went to the door where I entered and it allowed me to put the trap down again. I did, the rat came out, sniffed and took off again..Tonight
> > I can't get to where I was last night..Don't remember how I did it (ha).
> > Really stumped and frustrated..Any "hint" you can give me will be appreciated..Thanks
> For the first part, notice that the direction the rat moves depends on which direction *you* approach from. You won't be able to get anywhere if you move towards it on every move (you'll just loop around in a circle).
> For the second part: the rat will always be under the crates for the same amount of time (measured by moves). Count how many turns you're given before you lose the rat, and figure out where you *could* get to in that amount of time (make a simple map, if necessary). That will give you a hint about where you're *supposed* to get to.

I want to thank Paradox and Gremlinn for helping me trap this rat. I have finished Fantasy, Mystery & GOA and this has been my hardest task..Well, I'm on my way to find the dress, it's now the evening so I'm progressing..I may need more help..Thanks again Paradox & Gremlinn!!!!!

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