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Trials of Anguish - a couple of yes/no questions
Posted By: Senvy, on host
Date: Friday, October 26, 2001, at 13:11:28

I've gotten my ID card, enrolled, called my brother, and given the dragon thing to the people in the library. Now I'm poking around for a way to get the nerds into the promised land, and I've run across a couple of simple, yes/no doubts:

1.- I throw up every time I eat, and this can't be good for my stomch or my finances. Should I keep trying to eat at the dining hall, trying out different combinations, or do I run across edible food eventually?

2.- Does it reallly matter which courses I chose when I enrolled? Does this somehow affect the future of the game?

3.- I chose to call my brother with my quarter. Should've I called my parents instead? Should I be looking for another quarter?


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