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dragon in cave in game of ages
Posted By: Senvy, on host
Date: Thursday, October 18, 2001, at 10:55:38

I killed the wraith and went off down one of the tunnels, and now a dragon has me trapped. I tried rushing by it, but the south corridor is blocked, and now I'm stuck in an endless cycle of attacking, dodging, parrying, and running back and forth, but I can't get back to where I killed the wraith. I'm trapped! Every time I try to get back to the portal, I trip or ram into a wall or something else happens, and I have to start fighting all over again.
Should I just start the game over? Does the dragon die ( very ) eventually, or is there a specific attack sequence that I haven't tried yet?

I have the guard's sword, and the only options avaiable to me are:
*Attack the dragon with your sword.
*Parry the attack with your sword.
*Dodge the attack.
*Examine the dragon.

And, eventually,

*Run away to the south. (dead end, have to run back, start all over again), and,
*Rush around the dragon to the west. (trip, fall down, dragon blocks me, etc.)

What do I do????

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