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Re: Game of The Ages Help.
Posted By: kris, on host
Date: Thursday, October 18, 2001, at 01:42:43
In Reply To: Re: Game of The Ages Help. posted by akscully on Tuesday, October 16, 2001, at 09:56:58:

> > Heres the story
> >
> > I have just visited the girl who i met in prison and she told me to
> visit this bloke who would direct me to Stamos Fortress however i
> didnt see what he said and now when i go to his house all i can do is
> say
> >
> > "I, um, I think I forgot my focus stone at home. Let me go get it. Be
> right back."
> >
> Have you visited the Sage? Maybe you can go back home and try
> something with the Rock of Doom (or whatever its proper name is).
> > Also i have just got key of opening which opened up the shack
> (which is empty) And i was just wondering what i was surposed to
> do.
> You can't do anything in the shack yet. Just remember that it has a
> shelf. It will be important later in the game.

The rock of doom wont let me do anything with it and what is the sage?

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