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Re: Hey Sam! I was wondering...
Posted By: Mel, on host
Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2001, at 08:33:21
In Reply To: Re: Hey Sam! I was wondering... posted by Grishny on Monday, October 15, 2001, at 07:11:19:

> > I suppose we could start our sections with
> our "names".
> The way we've done it in Word is to have each
> of the authors use a different typeface for their
> sections. However, with plain text, we'd
> probably have to put some sort of signature on
> it.
> > I was thinking along the lines of "we finish
> after x cycles" or something to that effect.
> We need to determine our genre. We also
> need to determine if we're going to be doing a
> parody of something, or a serious story with
> humorous references thrown in. These kinds
> of things might help determine how long it
> should be and what constitutes a "cycle."
> > > Plaintext would be my guess, just to make
> sure there aren't any compatibility problems
> (well, except from CR or LF EOL markers), in a
> .txt attatchment, possibly zipped if it gets too
> large.
> I do not think zipping it is a good idea, unless
> we're all able to be on the same type of
> system. StuffIt for Macintosh and WinZip for
> PC are not very compatible in my experience. I
> think it would make more sense to archive
> our story by chapters, each of us on our own
> computers, either as separate text files for
> each chapter or one big file that is added to
> continually; the point being that we'd only be
> sending the current working chapter by e-mail
> at any given time. We'd all have the previous
> chapters saved on our own computers for
> reference.
> > > winter"Sounds like fun to me"mute
> >
> > Yeah.
> >
> > Nyperold
> Yeah.
> Oh, and one more thing I just thought about. I
> think we ought to limit the number of authors
> to four or five people. Too many cooks spoil
> the broth, and the more authors you have in
> the chain, the more potential you have for
> "stoppages" if you know what I mean. The
> parody I've been doing with my buddies has
> been going since 1999, but we've had two
> major periods where it's sort of gone into a
> coma for a long time because one of the
> authors dropped out. And we're only three
> guys. I think five would be a good number, and
> perhaps we could come up with some sort of
> rule that if the story lays idle for too long, a set
> period of time like say, a month, then the
> procrastinating author "loses a turn" and the
> story gets passed on to the next author in the
> page. We'd all have to stay in communication
> for this to work.
> So far, we've had seven to nine people
> express interest. Myself, Sosiqui, Nyperold,
> Travholt, Darien, wintermute, and Melanie. I'm
> not sure about teach and codeman.
> Should we get two stories going? How to
> determine the groupings?
> Gri"am I overthinking this?"shny

I would *love* to be part of a Rinkstory revival. I'm no great shakes as a writer, but if we're breaking off into two groups here, I'd love to participate in one. (The sillier of the two would probably suit me better.:-})

But if you don't have room for any more contributors, would it be possible to put together a mailing list non-participants can follow the story as it unfolds?

M"Rinkstory, Rinkstory, Yeah!"el

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