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Re: Hey Sam! I was wondering...
Posted By: Grishny, on host
Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2001, at 07:14:09
In Reply To: Re: Hey Sam! I was wondering... posted by Nyperold on Monday, October 15, 2001, at 13:59:58:

> 1 cycle = a story section in which all the
authors who are in on this have participated
exactly once.
> > Gri"am I overthinking this?"shny
> Nyper"You were expecting like the Wheel of
Time cycle? :-) "old

Okay. I was thinking of it more along the lines
of chapters, but I understand what you mean
by a cycle now. A cycle wouldn't necessarily
mean a chapter. A natural chapter break could
occur anywhere and wouldn't be limited to
cycles, if you see what I mean.

(i.e. any author could decide to end a chapter
and begin a new one during his turn to write.)


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