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Re: Hey Sam! I was wondering...
Posted By: Grishny, on host
Date: Monday, October 15, 2001, at 11:17:14
In Reply To: Re: Hey Sam! I was wondering... posted by Travholt on Monday, October 15, 2001, at 09:28:06:

> Myself, I'd like the latter. As I mentioned
before, I want it to be serious writing. And by
that I don't mean non-humorous -- but if I'm
going to participate, I want to do some "real"
writing (not claiming I'll do a good job, though),
so I don't think I want to take part in making a
parody thing. I'm having a hard time
expressing my feelings here, but I think it's
because I want to make something *genuine*,
start with a clean sheet, if you see what I
mean. Writing a parody is like drawing
moustaches on movie posters, while writing
something entirely new is like drawing your
*own* poster from scratch. Of course, in a
project like this, you'll have to work with what
other people have done before you, but it's still

I too am more interested in writing something
that is NOT a parody. Everything I ever did with
my high school pals was a parody of some
sort (a parody of Star Trek; a parody of LOTR;
a parody of James Bond; etc.). I think the
reason I enjoyed the "Jack" RinkStory that
Sentry started was that it wasn't a parody, but
a genuine attempt to write some interesting
and original fiction. Maybe I'm romanticizing it
a bit, but I still wish we could have finished
that story, and I will probably publish what
there is of it on a future web site someday.
> StuffIt unzips just as well as any other
unzipping utility these days. A new version
came out a short while back. And there's
DropZip, too, so zipping it back won't be a
problem, either.

Well, I for one have never been able to
successfully decompress a StuffIt .sea file on
my PC at home. I've never been able to get my
computer to even recognize it as a file type.
Maybe they make a Windows version of StuffIt
and I just don't know about it. Whenever
someone sends me a .sea file, I always end
up having to get someone with a Mac to
decompress it for me and then email me back
the decompressed file.


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