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Re: Analog and Digital Clocks, Part 2
Posted By: Nyperold, on host
Date: Friday, October 12, 2001, at 06:30:50
In Reply To: Re: Analog and Digital Clocks, Part 2 posted by Darien on Friday, October 12, 2001, at 06:14:30:

(People usually give me a funny look when I have to look at my watch again.)
> I *always* have to do that, and I *always* get funny looks from other people. In fact, I feel kind of like you seem to about this whole thing. When I look at the clock, or at my watch, I don't think of the time it expresses as a numerical value of "time." Instead, I get rather a general "sense" of what time it is. *I* know exactly what time it is, and exactly when in relation to whatever time I'm thinking of at the moment it is, but I can't articulate that clearly. So if someone else asks me what time it is, I have to look again. Also, after I look again, it takes me a few seconds to figure out what time it *really* is, whether I'm looking at an analog clock or a digital. I can only surmise that this is yet another manifestation of my creeping dyslexia. :-{

Eh, I have to do the same thing, and I'm not dyslexic.


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