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Re: A Question of Royalty
Posted By: Grishny, on host
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2001, at 08:56:55
In Reply To: Re: A Question of Royalty posted by wintermute on Thursday, October 11, 2001, at 08:11:48:

> Hmmm... You may be right on that. I thought
she was a Lady at the very least. I'll check

Oh, so "Lady" is actually a Title, and not just a
title. I didn't realize that.

> Most certainly. The most obvious example
that comes to mind is Anne Bolyn, the second
wife of King Heny VIII. She was a serving maid
before their wedding.

And look what happened to her. Yeouch! But
we live in a more "civilized" era, right?

> The Order of the Garter was known as "The
Most Noble and Honorable Knightly Order of
St. George" until 1349. The modern name
actually refers to a minor scandal involving the
Prince of Wales of the day (later Richard II).
The Order of the Garter, incidentally, is the
highest ranking knighthood the British Crown
can award.

And can anyone attain this honor, or only the
eldest son of the reigning king? If anyone,
what would one have to do or accomplish to
receive it?

> As for strange names for knightly orders, the
Danish Order of the Elephant, or the
Hungarian Order of the Copperpot?

I don't suppose you'd want to offer some sort
of explanation for *those*. :oP They certainly
conjure up some fascinating visual imagery.
Danes riding elephants? Hungarians wearing
copper pots for helmets? Who knows?

> 101 years old, August just gone. So far she's
got something like 6 artificial hips :)

A centenarian, then. I wonder if she got to talk
to Willard Scott on Good Morning America
when she turned 100?

Gri"doubts it"shny

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