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Perils of Akumos
Posted By: Gillian, on host
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2001, at 06:05:00

Please can someone help me!!!
I have reached the stage in the game where I have Ken Johnston waiting for me to give the signal to plant the bomb but I get caught every time I try. I have still got to replace one rubber tube in the kitchen, give the brat a spiffy cola and possibly do somemore things in the sandstone caves. I have spent literally months and
months retracing my steps over and over and over again and have become very frustrated and bored as nothing new happens. I hope that you are not going to tell me to go back to Llangyon(spelling)
as I have destroyed the entry gate and cannot return there. I need to know in which direction I should be going so that I can become enthusiastic once more because I just love the game and am so dying to get my teeth into it. I have include a list of what I am carrying, maybe there is something missing and if so could you please tell me where to find it. It is soooo frustrating going round and round the Corolis in circles!

You're Carrying:

2 Nanoxite Stones
Scrap of Paper
Silver Key

5 Peryolitium Shards
I.D. Card
Gold Key
Round Pot

Leather Briefcase
Passcard (CQ20024)
Peryolitium Key
Noise Filter Headset
Small Mirror

Employment Papers
Passcard (CQ30021)
Vault Key
Sleeping Pills

ISO Access Form
Passcard (CQ60537)
Dragon Key
ISO Energy Pulse Gun

Violations Report
Supply Room Card
Tranquilizer Gun
Tranquilizer Spray

Experimental Results Papers
Mine Access Card
Light Tube
Military Uniform

Beetle Analysis Papers
OSA Card
Radio Receiver
ISO Officer's Cap

Peryolitium Shell Diagrams
Izacladia Access Card
Fire Extinguisher
Pet Snacks

ISO Accident Report
Business Card

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