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Posted By: wintermute, on host
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2001, at 05:23:58

OK, I give in - I need some help.

A couple of the assignments I've been given seem to be impossible:
1) Making a profit on Happy Tokens - I've tried every exchange offered, and each one lost me money.

2) Getting someone to admit fear - the only person I seem to be allowed to interview (Larry the Jock) gets pretty close to admitting a fear of women, but as many times as I try, I can't close the deal.

If it helps:


It's Saturday, January 21, 2073, sometime in the late morning or early afternoon. You're wearing your typical style of fashionable clothes: a white blouse, a purple vest, and a long black skirt. On your feet are Natalie's red high-heeled shoes.

You've signed up for the following classes:
Economics 122 -- Prof. Calahan
History 224 -- Prof. Hawson
Literature 272 -- Prof. Major
Psychology 102 -- Prof. Eldridge

91 Happy Tokens
ID Card
Tennis Shoes
Enrollment Sheet
Gas Canister
2 Rocks
Hovercar Key
Stylish Shoes
Course Textbooks
Tape Recorder
Map of Elkland
Quantum Calculator
Rusty Key
Note from Chris
Dollar Bill
Gym Shorts
Dinner Invitation

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