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Re: Analog and Digital Clocks, Part 2
Posted By: Gahalia, on host
Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2001, at 13:37:03
In Reply To: Re: Analog and Digital Clocks, Part 2 posted by The Other Matthew on Wednesday, October 10, 2001, at 12:17:32:

> > I love analog clocks so much better. With analog clocks, I can measure an amount of time geometrically, rather than arithmetically.
> >
> > And now I have to ask the same question: Am I alone in this? Because I've always thought it was sort of odd.
> >
> > Ga"Mental math = ugh."halia
> like "It's a triangle past the octagon?" Or "It's 2/3 of a circle right now..." "We have about a quarter pie left..." (which the last two are still arithmetic, anyway.) I'm curious. Do explain.
> The Other "Or perhaps I'm missing the incredibly obvious" Matthew

Heh. No, I'm not *that* strange. ;-)

Check out the other reply to my post, where Faux_Pas linked to his reply to Monkeyman, the second paragraph of which basically describes what I was trying to say better than I said it.
(But I said it first! Ha! ;-) )

Or, the simpler way to do it would just be to click below.


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