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Game of Ages
Posted By: Blarg, on host
Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2001, at 13:27:11

AIEE! I am stuck in GOA. I have poked around Boredom and the city, found portals, a focus stone, teleport gems, and a spleen(wait, sorry, wrong game). I found the locked grate leading to the desert city, but not the key, bolt cutters, etc.
My inventory:
1 Gold Coin
Guard's Sword
Key of Opening
Piece of Trash
10 Red Gemstones
Stone of Strengthening
Life Preserver
Food Rations
Clear Focus Stone
How do I "deal with" the litter guy to get the hammer(see hints) if stealing his crate isn't enough? I assume that I need a torch to go north in the forest. Any hints would be appreciated.


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