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Re: What's a Logical Fallacy?
Posted By: Grishny, on host
Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2001, at 18:54:56
In Reply To: Re: What's a Logical Fallacy? posted by Mel on Tuesday, October 9, 2001, at 18:17:55:

> Logical fallacies are cases of someone trying to argue that A equals C, without having the premises necessary to support that conclusion. There's a link below to a list of all the logical fallacies, in case you're interested.
> M"And if you still want something funny: Two logicians walk into a bar. The third one ducks."el

I didn't visit your link, probably because it wasn't there, but I think I know what you're talking about now. Would a logical fallacy be something like:

Jack is a construction worker.
Jack likes ice cream.
Jill likes ice cream too.
Jill must be a construction worker.

That's a pretty weak example of what I'm thinking of, but it's the best I could come up with on the fly.

Gri"I like bananas, therefore I must be a baboon"shny

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