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a lesson learned
Posted By: Howard, on host
Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2001, at 09:57:11

The people on flight 93, that crashed in Pennsylvania, taught a valuable lesson:
When you don't have anything to lose, fight back.
By fighting back, they probably saved the lives of half the people in the Congress. They
almost saved their own lives.

But there's more.

Recently a deranged person on a jet inbound for Chicago, charged into
the cockpit and seemed bent on destroying the plane. Passengers dashed up the aisle,
grabbed him and restrained him until the plane landed. They didn't waste time thinking
about what to do,because they had already learned that from the people on flight 93.
Everybody who flies now must think about, "What will I do if it happens to me?"
Thanks to those brave people, the question is now a no-brainer. You fight.
Now we have one more reason to honor them, and there may be many more.

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