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Fantasy Quest - stuck stuck stuck!
Posted By: daffers234, on host
Date: Sunday, July 11, 2021, at 15:36:51

I played this game years ago, and I was able to beat it, but I'm stuck this time. I can't get past the white fire into the black castle, and I know I need to.
Inventory: Sack, Branch, Shovel, Bow, Ticket, Carrot, Silver Key, Scroll, Arrow, Jeweled Dagger, Rope, Gold Key, Hammer, Fishing Pole, Sunstone, Hook, Sword, Nails, Club

I've helped the Indian, the man with no voice, and the gnome. I've given the Soothsayer 3 gold coins. I can't find more coins for her or more treasures for the shopkeeper. I've been everywhere multiple times.

Can anyone help?

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