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Re: 3:1 Strong woman need help.Ok.k.
Posted By: blueblood724, on host
Date: Sunday, July 24, 2016, at 19:23:24
In Reply To: Re: 3:1 Strong woman need help.Ok.k. posted by macrinus7 on Wednesday, February 19, 2003, at 19:56:56:

> > > > I am on the first chapter.
> > > > Spoilers welcome.
> > > > Ok.
> > > > k.
> > >
> > > Okay, try this: who wrote Commentaries on the Laws of England? That should get you to the answer another way.
> > >
> > > mac "maybe it's a bit obscure, but it's still a spoiler" rinus7
> >
> > I have never heard of "Commentaries on the Laws of England". A better spoiler could help better
> So could a web search. . . .
> mac "I hope that didn't have you stuck for two months" rinus7

I know I'm about 13 years late, but think back to the Enchanted Forest. There were two stones you could find by listening to the breeze. That should narrow it down quite a bit.

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