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Murkon's Refuge Druid
Posted By: yyfz78, on host
Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2013, at 04:02:43

Below is the help for druid.

""Druids are spell casters with a broad range. They can learn both sorcerer spells and wizard spells but learn them more slowly. They don't gain many hit points, and they cannot use very much equipment. However, they get more spell points than either sorcerers or wizards, and their magic constantly heals and protects them, even without the invocation of spells.""


It have that the druids get more spell points than either sorcerers or wizards. But, I don't find that! Since I switch my character to druid, I only get ONE spell point each level!

I don't understand. I always get a lot more spell points on wizard and sorcerer each level.

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