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Re: Summer Movie Preview 2012 (spoilers!)
Posted By: Kysle, on host
Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2012, at 02:00:07
In Reply To: Summer Movie Preview 2012 posted by Sam on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, at 13:51:34:

> June 15 - Brave
> Here it is, the most likely Best Film of 2012. Even if it isn't that, it'll
> surely have the best hair of any film you're liable to see this year.
> Seriously, look at that hair.
> If you haven't heard, this is the next Pixar movie and -- as the media has
> been quick to note -- the first one with a female lead character. Male,
> female, whatever. What matters is making a great movie, and Pixar has done
> that with barely a hitch for approaching 20 years now. Okay, so Cars 2 was
> a step down, but a step down from a very high place. Let's chalk Cars 2 up to
> an indulgence of John Lasseter's love for cars. The studio earned the right,
> and now it looks like they're back on track with great stories greatly told.
> And look at that hair!

Well. That was certainly not the film I was expecting. I enjoyed it for what it was and there were definitely some laughs... but I was all set for an action-y epic with a big external antagonist rather than the ol' "I refuse to be married off" and "I actually do love you, mom" plot lines.

Overall, kinda disappointing for one of Pixar films. Granted, I probably should've expected it given the themes in their past films.

~Ky-actually knows the word tmesis, now-sle

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