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Re: Fantasy Novelist's Exam
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Monday, October 15, 2012, at 18:21:25
In Reply To: Re: Fantasy Novelist's Exam posted by macecard on Tuesday, October 9, 2012, at 06:33:11:

> What I am getting at is, Can i know write a novel where the characters believe that people have been around thousands of years but they are mistaken and civilsation has only been around for a more realistic 1000 years?

Sure? I mean, if you're making up a world anyway, you can make its history as long as you want to. The key is finding a story where such a thing would be especially relevant. Worldbuilding is great an all, but if there isn't a story to hang on it, it's not really worth writing a novel about it.

> and the question saying is there plate mail in your novel and then the question can a sword penetrate plate metal..... well it doesnt matter because it already had to take out plate mail due to this stupid exam?

First, don't take the exam too seriously. It's not REALLY meant to stop people writing.

But these two questions are talking about two totally different things. "Plate armor" or "plate metal" is not the same as what gets called "plate mail." Mail armor is mail. It's not "plate" mail, because if it's mail it's not plate. And if it's plate armor, it's not mail. So referring to "plate mail," which is not a thing, is the mistake called out by that first question.

The second isn't about mail at all but actual plate armor. Swords don't really puncture those.

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