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Assault on Vampire Island
Posted By: Carnivorousmog, on host
Date: Sunday, October 30, 2011, at 16:01:02

Okay, I've currently got in my inventory:

Box of Matches


Digital Watch


Small Metal Key

Threatening Note

I've found the mountain path to the beach, talked to Mr. Hyde and lulled him to sleep with the music box, snapped some branches off of a tree, and directed the lighthouse at the castle.

Now I'm stuck. I can't kill/fend off the mummy, alligator, or wolf man, can't move the desk to get at what's behind it, can't get the rose, can't find the thing in the fireplace.

Is there something I need to click multiple times somewhere? Whatever I'm supposed to do next, could you just tell me what general area it's in (mountains, beach, forest, plains, graveyard, shack, lighthouse)?

This game is really awesome, and I really want to see the rest of it. So, any help is greatly appreciated! ^^

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