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Assault on Vampire Island
Posted By: lelo14, on host
Date: Sunday, October 2, 2011, at 18:40:18

I have:

Bottle of Acid
Box of Matches
Digital Watch
Mirror Shard
Small Metal Key
Small Silver Cross
Threatening Note
Werewolf's Fang

Plus I've got the hint from the Mysterious Cloaked Figure.

I can't figure out any way to reassure 'the creation' (I assume the hint refers to the guy in the lab).

I know that the Rose that looks like King's Blood is disliked by the Vampire (who I assume is 'the evil one') but it never seems to be very useful.

I've made it to the upper turret of the castle. (I think that would be the 3th floor.) When I first arrived, there was an option to go upstairs to (I assume the 4th floor) but I can't get past the Vampire to go up there.

I have managed to get the vampire to cower in the corner but now the the room discription says, " .... This is IT. the moment to finish him! (You know what to do, right? You don't need options, right?)" But the only option is to "Run away!" (Or check the time on your digital watch.) If I run away (my only option), I'm back on the 2nd floor.

It seems that I've been everywhere and tried everything. (expect that I haven't tried changing the settings on the controls in the lighthouse now that I have it in a useful position.)

I'd rather not need a hint at all but ....
okay can you give me a tiny tiny hint?

Should I change the lighthouse settings? Just yes or no, don't tell me what setting to try or why or where to go after.

Is there something that I have to click on many times to get a diffrent reaction? Just yes or no and if yes the how many clicks. Don't tell me where or what to click on.

If those are both no, then just the tinyest hint you can think of. If it's not enough, I can always come back for a bigger hint.

Thanks so much. lelo

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