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Vamp Island - How do I kill the Vampire?
Posted By: Yenwood, on host
Date: Friday, April 1, 2011, at 20:43:55

I thought that I was ready to finish this game, but I'm stuck with the vampire in the turret and can't figure out how to kill him.

I have:
Bottle of Acid
Small Silver Cross
Threatening Note
Box of Matches
Digital Watch
Werewolf's Fang
Bucket Filled With Water
Mirror Shard
Small Metal Key

My current choices are:
Use the cross.
Attack the vampire with the sword.
Throw the water on the vampire.
Use the rose.
Attack Dracula with the crowbar.
Attack Dracula with the stake.
Open the curtains.
Run around the vampire and up the stairs.

Using the sword, bucket of water, crowbar and stake all result me dying. Same with opening the curtains or attempting to run around the vampire and up the stairs. The cross makes the vampire cower in the corner. The game won't let me use the rose, substituting the cross for the rose.

If it makes a difference, the Light House light is pointing North.

Any ideas?

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