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POA help--drill, mines, etc.
Posted By: never, on host
Date: Friday, March 18, 2011, at 19:35:11

Hi, I'm a little stuck. I found one petryolitium shard, turned it in, and blasted the door. I've got Cortez in the mines who needs a drill bit that I can't find and I need a key to the dragon box in K's office. I searched through all the areas of the mines that I can get to and haven't found anything other than that one shard, but I have opened the track to the southeast.

Any tips would be appreciated :)

You're Carrying:

Leather Briefcase

Supply Room Card

Radio Receiver

Pet Snacks

Golden Necklace

Employment Papers

Mine Access Card

Fire Extinguisher


Dead Beetle
I.D. Card

OSA Card



Passcard (CQ30021)

Business Card


Plastic Cup

Passcard (CQ51266)


Noise Filter Headset

Round Pot

Passcard (CQ60537)

Light Tube

ISO Officer's Cap

Small Mirror

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