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Re: vancryl camp (spoiler-ish)
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011, at 11:17:52
In Reply To: vancryl camp posted by kelleym on Friday, February 25, 2011, at 20:34:17:

> I must have been chased out of that camp at least 50 times, maybe more. I visit the boy then his mother and then I get into trouble. What am I not doing?
> 3 Bear Figurines
> 13 Mana Mushrooms
> Black Boots
> Long Spear
> Torch
> 100 Carrots
> 2 Metallic Arcs
> Black Key
> Metal File
> Tower Keys
> 1 Crab Figurine
> 1 Rubber Glove
> Busted Flute
> Morph Scarf
> Tree Branch
> 2 Dove Figurines
> 1 Starlight Stone
> Fancy Clothes
> Rusty Key
> Vancryl Robe
> 3 Frog Figurines
> 2 Whale Figurines
> Glass Vial
> Secret Book
> 1 Jujurr Pit
> Asbestos Suit
> Gobberfish
> Toothbrush

Actually, you're on the right track. You're not going to be able to completely rescue Eddie or Karina, but visiting each of them in turn is ultimately very helpful. Each of your ventures into camp is one part of your longer path.

So far, you should have:
1) encountered Eddie and found out about his mother
2) ducked into Karina's tent and got a key from her (and then probably had to run for it since if you stop to do anything in her tent you get caught)
3) gone back to Eddie, freed him with the key and talked to him til he mentions a password (you need that password!)

Of course, every time you've talked to Eddie and Karina you've usually had to run for it, because while stopping to talk to them gets you what you need, it's also given the guards the chance to catch you.

Once you've freed Eddie and got the password from him, start your approach into the camp again. I wound up having to take a roundabout route to dodge the guards all the way to the northeast tent - Eddie's tent, Karina's tent, then back west and around the long way.

There are a couple Vancryls patrolling around the circle of tents. Their positions are always reset to the same starting point when you first go through the pipe to get into the camp, at least. So if you screw up, you can at least run away and then come back into camp and start over with what worked.

Keep a running tally of which sequence of movements works; when going a certain way gets you caught, that's the wrong step. You may have to resort to ducking in and out of the same tent a few times. (Except Karina's - get in and immediately leave.)

When you *finally* get to that northeast tent (it's guarded, which is why you need the password), there's an important article of clothing in there that'll allow you to get through level 2 of the Atrona Tower. Once you have that, you can kiss the Vancryl camp goodbye.

-Mandi "I maintain that this is the hardest puzzle in the whole preview" aka Chaos

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