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Re: SS tower 3rd floor
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 8, 2010, at 12:02:28
In Reply To: SS tower 3rd floor posted by ZiD on Wednesday, September 8, 2010, at 10:40:02:

> yes, am stuck again. this time on the 3rd floor.
> I did the math and figured out how much the each figurines worth.
> And i did balance both scales, but still nothing happens, so i guess i need to use all of the figurines.... BUT with the current set i have it is mathematically impossible. So i need one more figurine.
> Any hints on where i should look? It really seems to me that i ve been to EVERYWHERE, though obviously not....
> Inv:
> Cermin's Treasures:
> Morph Scarf
> Atlas Cap
> Buff Bandanna
> Other Rare Items/Relics:
> 2 Metallic Arcs
> Other Zeiric Items:
> 11 Mana Mushrooms
> 1 Starlight Stone
> Weapons:
> Long Spear
> Tree Branch
> Wearable (Body):
> Fancy Clothes
> Vancryl Robe
> Asbestos Suit
> Wearable (Legs/Feet):
> Black Boots
> Wearable (Other):
> 1 Rubber Glove
> Ornamentation:
> 3 Bear Figurines
> 1 Crab Figurine
> 2 Dove Figurines
> 3 Frog Figurines
> 2 Whale Figurines
> Keys:
> Control Room Key
> Tower Keys
> Black Key
> Rusty Key
> Tools:
> Crowbar
> Metal File
> Torch
> Toothbrush
> Containers:
> Glass Vial
> Musical Instruments:
> Busted Flute
> Food/Drink:
> 23 Carrots
> 1 Jujurr Pit

You need one more Bear figurine to pull it off. There's a total of 12 figurines in the entire game, and not only do the scales need to be balanced, all 12 slots for figurines need to be filled.

You don't need the crowbar anymore. Remember what you did with the club? That crowbar could be traded too...

-Mandi aka Chaos

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