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Re: SS: tower 2nd floor - timing
Posted By: gremlinn, on host
Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010, at 17:04:26
In Reply To: SS: tower 2nd floor - timing posted by ZiD on Saturday, September 4, 2010, at 14:30:37:

> all right, i keep running around and around on the beginning of the 2nd floor, and i dont seem to be able to figure out the solution.
> I am now wondering if i am missing an item or sg, and would really like to know if it is possible to solve this level with what i have - and without using a mana mushroom.
> so, here s the thing: i cannot get to the other side of the chute on time, i am 1 step too short, i die just before entering. I did find a spot/activity which gives me back full stamina, but even at the shortest way (both from hourglass both to chute)i find the black door locked then. Is this at all possible with my inventory? After so many many tries i now really think that i am missing sg maybe? (that would be a bummer though, as i d really dont want to re-do the first floor again:-D )
> any help/hints are highly appreciated. thanks
> Inventory:
> Morph Scarf
> 2 Metallic Arcs
> 15 Mana Mushrooms
> 2 Starlight Stones
> Long Spear
> Tree Branch
> Fancy Clothes
> Vancryl Robe
> Asbestos Suit
> Wearable (Legs/Feet):
> Black Boots
> 1 Rubber Glove
> 2 Bear Figurines
> 1 Crab Figurine
> 2 Dove Figurines
> 2 Frog Figurines
> 2 Whale Figurines
> Control Room Key
> Tower Keys
> Rusty Key
> Crowbar
> Metal File
> Torch
> Toothbrush
> Glass Vial
> Busted Flute
> 22 Carrots
> 1 Jujurr Pit

I think you are missing something from the Vancryl camp. By the way, you can see if it's possible to advance on the floor (and in general with other puzzles of this type) by trying to use a mana mushroom. If it is possible to advance, it will warn you that you will lose points, and you can cancel it, but you'll have learned that you have everything you need to progress further. So it's risk-free.

Also, since you've already passed the first floor, you can use mana mushrooms to get through the maze there in one turn.

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