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Re: Escape from st mary's - stuck. Spoilery.
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010, at 13:55:16
In Reply To: Re: Escape from st mary's - stuck. Spoilery. posted by aizetrock on Wednesday, August 11, 2010, at 10:18:46:

> >
> > More like insane. Also, back from vacation.
> >
> > I've been looking over my notes and am still puzzling over which tasks you've done. Can you give me a quick rundown of what teacher tasks you've completed? I know you haven't beaten Anand's game - you don't get the rust eater til you beat that.
> >
> > -Mandi aka Chaos
> k ive managed to make some headway since..
> i finally did complete anands games, got the rust eater, used it.. but now i sort of dont know what to do. i flicked the switch to my class.. dont know what good that did...i havnet found the gold and i havent got the organic matter. and i havent got my bag.
> my inventory is as follows..
> Beaker
> Earthworm Sample
> Glue Stick
> Rust Eater
> Wire
> Bottle Cap
> Eraser
> Lighter
> Screwdriver
> Wrench
> Chain
> Fire Map
> Mirror
> Screws
> Chalk
> Glass Pane
> Photos of Fashion Show
> Soldering Iron
> Thank you in advance, n i hope ur hol was fun , but im so glad ur back!

1) Get the gold first. Take that mirror to the basketball court and mess up the players' game. (Gary's dentist will at least be grateful for the extra paycheck.)

2) As for your backpack, you're on the right track! You could never get your classmates to pass it to you through the window because Mr. M would notice. But if the lights in the classroom have been turned off...

3) The item you need to cover your hands is in the past, in the one place you haven't looked. Gary will actually give you a hint if you talk to him in the library (after indirectly injuring him).

-Mandi "climb a tree" aka Chaos

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