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Re: Stuck in SS Chapter 3
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Sunday, July 11, 2010, at 18:35:14
In Reply To: Stuck in SS Chapter 3 posted by hee on Sunday, July 11, 2010, at 07:29:52:

> I just can't figure out what to do next. Can't get the spear, can't get the ladder, can't get my friends through the gate, can't open the cellar, can't open either houses in town, can't go across the river, can't do anything! I've dragged Elyssa all throughout town and listened to what she said multiple times. I just can't figure it out!
> 1 Carrot
> 2 Metallic Arcs
> Club
> Gobberfish
> Tower Keys
> 2 Frog Figurines
> 1 Rubber Glove
> Crowbar
> Metal File
> Tree Branch
> 1 Jujurr Pit
> Black Boots
> Fancy Clothes
> Toothbrush
> Vancryl Robe
> 5 Mana Mushrooms
> Busted Flute
> Glass Vial
> Torch

Have you unlocked the second set of doors to the cellar with the rusty key yet? If not, now that you have a light, you can search through that dark garbage pile.

If you have, you do have the items necessary to crack that final set of doors open. You have something to weaken it first, and then the two of you should be able to pry the third set of doors open...

-Mandi aka Chaos

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