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SS: Ch. III.......Halp
Posted By: geneva, on host
Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010, at 11:18:37

I am extremely stuck, I've been working on Ch.III now for days and I've got a bunch of items I apparently can't use. I can't get into the castle, but I can repeatedly knock out the guard with my crowbar. I can't take his spear though, when he is asleep, awake, or unconscious. I can't find a light source. I got my friends to the town, but Zorn won't cooperate with me and the window, and I apparently think it's a bad idea to try again even with the girl with me. I can't kill Goobak, or get him to give me his torch. I can't get to the ladder. I got through the gate into Tequine, but can't do anything. I assume I need the spear or something to kill the creature in Tequine, because apparently my club and crowbar aren't enough. I find it ironic that the sea only has mid-tide and high-tide sequences, so I can't seem to get into the cavern. Can't get into the omnizoo, a lot of can'ts in Tequine.......okay, y'all get the picture. Someone throw me a bone here please, I might go insane >.<

5 Carrots
1 Rubber Glove
Secret Book
Vancryl Robe
2 Frog Figurines
Black Boots
Fancy Clothes
3 Jujurr Pits
Busted Flute
Glass Vial
Tower Keys
5 Mana Mushrooms
Tree Branch

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