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TOA: Stuck at the end (spoilers)
Posted By: Ahami, on host
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2010, at 04:57:40

I have the futuristic gun. I can't get it to do anything or figure out what it does. The nerds no longer give me anything useful. I've talked to all of my professors and they didn't have any new tasks for me (I completed them all on Saturday). Silus and Verna are hiding behind the dumpster.

I can get to the top of the bus, but if I use the gun it does nothing. My only other options are the nanobots, which brings me to the "Cut!" part, or jumping off the bus, which also brings me to the "Cut!" part. I feel like the gas canister should be important somehow, but I can't find any way to use it.

I've looked through the hints here and found nothing that helped me. I've talked to pretty much everyone on campus, gone off campus to see Ken, examined everywhere I could think of. I'm stuck and frustrated.

Ideas? Have I missed a vital step?

My inventory is:
2 Rocks
Hovercar Key
Stylish Shoes
Enrollment Sheet
Map of Elkland
Quantum Calculator
Course Textbooks
Jug of Nanobots
Red Dress
Rusty Key
Futuristic Gun
High-Heeled Shoes
Note from Chris
Dinner Invitation
ID Card
Stylish Clothes
Gas Canister

My teachers are Gingram, Eldridge, Hawson and Major.

Please help! Thanks.

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