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Re: FQ2: Just the gate now
Posted By: videogameboy, on host
Date: Friday, November 27, 2009, at 14:21:59
In Reply To: Re: FQ2: The tower and the gate posted by dcarter51 on Thursday, November 26, 2009, at 19:44:50:

> > Here's my inventory:
> > 20 Onions
> > sack
> > small silver coin
> > silver key
> > crown of destiny
> > float ring
> > tap
> > bucket
> > cross
> > coconut
> > pliers
> > iron support
> > red potion
> > green potion
> > bottle of liquor
> > sword
> > sunstone
> >
> > There are only two places I can't get in, and that's the white tower and the gate behind the volcano, I've pretty much done/gone-to/helped/killed everything/everyone/everywhere else. I can tell that I'm nearing the end, but I'm seriously at a loss here, help!
> OK. To get in to the white tower you need to find somebody with an appreciation for that bottle of liquor you're carrying around. The gate on the north side of the volcano has a rusty lock. Wonder what you need to open that? I don't see any gold coins in your inventory but you haven't given all ten to the soothsayer yet. Do you know how many you have given her so far?

Thanks, I got in the tower, got the gold coin, got the rusty key, and tried the lock 16 times. I heard a click, but still nothing works, I went back all over the world, but found nothing new anywhere, help please! (Oh, and to answer your previous question, 9)

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