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Re: FQ2?
Posted By: dcarter51, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 2, 2009, at 15:19:26
In Reply To: Re: FQ2? posted by tazzetty on Tuesday, September 1, 2009, at 15:38:53:

> > What have you done to/with the cat thus far?
> >
> > kman"log-roller"52000
> i've attacked it and got it to follow me out of the garden but i couldn't get past the log on the bottom of the stairs without it killing me. i've tried everything in the garden like having the lion attack it, hiding from it, and running to the castle. (i've been in the castle but the old grumpy guy who owns it gave me the float ring and the mirror)and everything outside trying to get the cat to fall to its doom off the stairs several times, kicking it, crawling in the log, ect. thanks so much for everyones help.

OK, here's the thing. It looks like kman52000 gave you the hint you need in his name ;) The solution to the cat has to do with the log. Keep trying options and you'll find it.

d"you're so close"carter51

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