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Re: MV-A strategic question
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Thursday, July 23, 2009, at 16:54:36
In Reply To: MV-A strategic question posted by Elfred on Thursday, July 23, 2009, at 16:29:37:

> I've run into a bit of trouble on Murkon's Vengeance. I'm on level nine, but I can't seem to kill the rest of the heroes without getting killed. (Usually in one hit by a fire scroll.) I've used up all of my checkpoints. Here's my question: Would it really help to restart the level? (or the whole game?) Or is there something else I can do?

It certainly would not help to start the game over. Absolutely it could help to restart the level, though, this time using checkpoints more sparingly. Level 9 is tricky. You've probably figured out that there are paths through the big open area where the enemy parties inexplicably cannot tread. It's a winding path, but you should be able to navigate this open area without having to fight very many blue enemies at all. I'm not sure if that helps you in your current predicament or not.

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