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Re: FQ2 - Giraffe how to's
Posted By: Mirage, on host
Date: Friday, October 10, 2008, at 09:03:16
In Reply To: Re: FQ2 - Giraffe how to's posted by Salana on Thursday, October 9, 2008, at 17:59:49:

> > I have mapped the cavern and encountered the giraffe who is intent on devouring me. I've read many hints, but I'm stuck as the giraffe is splaying his legs. No matter which direction I choose, I lose. Please help. Inventory follows:
> >
> > 10 Onions
> > Silver Key
> > Bucket of Sap
> > Pliers
> > Sword
> >
> > 2 Tree Branches
> > Crown of Destiny
> > Bottle Opener
> > Iron Support
> > Rusty Key
> >
> > Sack
> > Float Ring
> > Cross
> > Red Potion
> > Goo
> >
> > Small Silver Coin
> > Sap Tap
> > Coconut
> > Green Potion
> There are two entrances to the cavern. The giraffe has no idea about the other entrance on the other side of the mountain. You need to lure him into the NE cavern entrance. Sneak out the same way you came in and back to the main entrance to the valley(that's the place you first ran into the giraffe). Once you reach that area.... you can sneak up behind him. There is something in the text (can't remember what something to the effect PAUSE) You will then be instructed to pour sap on his nose.... Then you will be instructed too shove the coin up his nose... Here is the trick..."Look Down"!!!!
> If you still have problems I'll be back later. Good luck.

Thanks, Salana, but I still can't figure this out. Once the giraffe is chasing me, there is no option except to stand around till he starts to splay his legs, then there's no option except to go East which takes me back to the green platform. I'm terrible at directions I know, and yet, there doesn't seem to be a way to get the giraffe to follow me. I always get eaten. I feel very thick not being able to figure this out.

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