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Re: Brackley Hall -- Housekeeper and Sandwich
Posted By: Pippas_ghost, on host
Date: Monday, September 29, 2008, at 07:07:13
In Reply To: Re: Brackley Hall -- Housekeeper and Sandwich posted by salana on Thursday, September 25, 2008, at 15:54:29:

> > Carrying: Jewelled Pin, Lavender, Bacon Sandwich, Acorns, Fuel Can, Feather
> >
> > Upstairs in Brackley Hall. The Housekeeper can't help me because she is too busy telling off the maid.
> >
> > If I show them the disgusting year-old sandwich, that should be enough evidence of the maid's slovenliness[1] for the housekeeper to fire her on the spot and start paying attention to me.
> >
> > But there's no option to show the sandwich to either of them. I can show the pin to the housekeeper but she's not interested in that.
> >
> > Why can't I show them the sandwich? Is this a bug in the game? Or something wrong with my computer?
> >
> > I also tried talking to the Butler to see if he could help me, but there was no option to talk to him about the sandwich either. What is going wrong here?
> Go up to the 3rd floor. Talk to Lady Brackley. You have something she would like to have and she will reward you. You have gas right? Head into town and check everything out!!! I mean everything. Hey someone in town might be hungry. Oh did I mention the car in the driveway??

I've talked to Lady Brackly, and she gave me a key. But she didn't help me show the sandwich to the housekeeper at all. I still don't know how to do that.

(And why did Lady Brackly refer to Lord Brackly as her father not her husband? She can't be his daughter, because his daughter wouldn't be allowed to the use the title Lady Brackly. Or is this a clue that there's some sort of weird incest thing going on? Well, they are the aristocracy, so it's not surprising!)

As for the car, there's no point driving anywhere until I know where I'm supposed to be driving. I haven't even seen anything in the game so far that gives me a reason for wanting to drive anywhere in the first place. After all, that's where the treasure's supposed to be. If there's a clue that it's actually somewhere else, then I haven't found it yet.

So, how about you stop wasting my time and just tell me how to show that sandwich to the stupid housekeeper!

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