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POA: Stuck once More
Posted By: ntdmouse, on host
Date: Sunday, September 21, 2008, at 23:12:53

Once more I've become stuck, this time though, I think I may of messed something up horribly, As when i was mining in the caves i exposed a nanoxite stone, grabbed it and it decided to go for a swim,

2 Nanoxite Stones
Scrap of Paper
Iron Key
ISO Officer's Cap

5 Peryolitium Shards
I.D. Card
Silver Key
Metal Rod
Pet Snacks

Leather Briefcase
Passcard (CQ20024)
Gold Key

Metal Briefcase
Passcard (CQ30021)
Peryolitium Key
Sledge Hammer

Employment Papers
Passcard (CQ60537)
Vault Key
Round Pot

ISO Access Form
Supply Room Card
Dragon Key
Noise Filter Headset
Small Mirror

TSP Manual
Mine Access Card
Sleeping Pills

Violations Report
OSA Card
Light Tube
ISO Energy Pulse Gun

Experimental Results Papers
Izacladia Access Card
Radio Receiver
Tranquilizer Gun
Tranquilizer Spray

ISO Accident Report
Business Card
Fire Extinguisher
Military Uniform

I've already gave the little brat the cola and been in his father's room and retreived what was in there (one thing i think) and returned it to it's rightful owner. I've tried sketching a map and each time I sketch it, i end up messing up to a point where i have to 'draw' so small i cant even read what i wrote, if someone could email me a sketch of the sandstone caves, i'd be ever so thankfull.

NTD "Totally Lost" Mouse

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