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Re: Summer Movie Preview 2007
Posted By: Zup, on host
Date: Thursday, May 3, 2007, at 19:41:29
In Reply To: Summer Movie Preview 2007 posted by Sam on Monday, April 30, 2007, at 22:55:21:

> June 15 - Evan Almighty
> There's a huge, huge box office demand out there for sequels to Jim Carrey
> movies that don't start Jim Carrey. Remember how Son of the Mask and
> Dumb & Dumberer nearly outgrossed Titanic? No? That's because it didn't
> happen.
> However...the Jim Carrey replacement this time is Steve Carell, who is no
> favorite of mine, but the guy's got fans. The studio knows that, which may
> mean that it will take better care of this one. Keeping the director of the
> first film probably helps as well, but Tom Shadyac is responsible for more
> bad comedies than good. Anyway, I didn't see the first movie and don't plan
> to, so I have no vested interest in this one.

Considering that Bruce Almighty is my second favorite Jim Carrey movie (second only to The Truman Show, my all-time favorite movie), I have been looking forward to this forever.

Also, did I mention how much I love Steve Carell. Yeah, I do. Especially on The Office.

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