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Re: Holiday/Oscar Movies 2006
Posted By: Adam Bomb, on host
Date: Sunday, October 8, 2006, at 02:40:42
In Reply To: Holiday/Oscar Movies 2006 posted by Sam on Wednesday, October 4, 2006, at 22:12:49:

> It's time for another recap of the movies to come.

I'll bring the roasting spit, you bring the ketchup.

> October 6 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
> How many movies do we need of teenagers getting slaughtered?

As many as it takes for people to get the message not to go inside the house.

> October 10 - Flatland: The Movie (DVD)

Beats computer-animated animals getting in slapstick-humor trouble for Happy Meal sales.

> October 13 - Man of the Year

How good WOULD a political satirist do as leader of the free world?

> October 13 - The Grudge 2

I don't even remember The Grudge 1.

> October 20 - DOA: Dead or Alive
> It's great that we have a subtitle like that to explain the acronym.

For all we know, DOA could have meant Dead On Arrival...which, incidentally, is exactly how I predict this movie will fare.

> October 20 - Flags of Our Fathers

Nice that he's filming it from both sides. I'll have to see "Tora! Tora! Tora!" sometime.

> October 20 - Killshot

Looks cliché to me.

> October 27 - Saw III

I barely remember Saw II.

> November 3 - Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Anything to pay Tim Allen's bills.

> November 3 - Flushed Away

I hate that they're marketing this as "from the makers of Shrek". Apart from the fact that Aardman didn't make Shrek, I didn't think Shrek was all that great to begin with.

> November 7 - The Fox and the Hound 2 (DVD)


> November 10 - Stranger Than Fiction

An IRS agent, in what could possibly be grounds for a libel suit, uses what an author has written about a fictional character with his name to change his life.

Sounds fun...apart from the death plot.

> November 10 - A Good Year

Insert "What? It's not about TIRES?" joke here.


> November 17 - Happy Feet

Yay! Singing and dancing penguins! :P

> November 17 - Casino Royale

No Moneypenny or Q is a little disconcerting, but as long as it looks to be vintage Bond revived, I could get over it.

> November 17 - Fast Food Nation

Looks like Super Size Me with a plot.

> November 22 - For Your Consideration

The Oscar noms go up to 11!

> December 15 - Eragon

Would anyone laugh if I said that this is the first I've consciously heard of Eragon?

> December 15 - The Pursuit of Happyness

Family movie. Blah.

> December 15 - Blood Diamond

Almost like A Fish Called Wanda without the cuckolded lawyer and the Anglophobic jewelry thief.

And it's not a comedy.

> December 22 - Rocky Balboa

Rocky sure likes to comes out of retirement. He's the Michael Jordan of the boxing world.

> December 22 - Night At the Museum

Reminds me of a cartoon I saw once.

> December 26 - Car Babes

"Failing car dealership must drum up sales with help from rambunctious salesman to avoid being bought out by ruthless RV industrialist."

The title makes this hard to take seriously, never mind the formula.

Adam "the camera really does add ten pounds" Bomb

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