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Re: ToA- Parking lots (Spoilers Inside)
Posted By: tsuse, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2006, at 10:02:32
In Reply To: ToA- Parking lots (Spoilers Inside) posted by bthyme on Tuesday, October 7, 2003, at 20:37:14:

> Thanks everyone who helped me last time. :)
> Of course I'm stuck again. I'm hurriedly trying to plant bombs in the parkinglot but I can only find five parkinglots out of the six. (I have indeed drawn a map, and the one in the game doesn't work on my computer.)
> Parking Lots I've planted bombs in:
> 1. one by the junk yard
> 2. one to the north of Halycon Hall where my car is
> 3. One to the north of the store
> 4. One to the south of the store
> 5. One to the west of Anova Hall
> Inventory:
> 1 Explosive
> ID Card
> Stylish Shoes
> Course Textbooks
> Luna's List
> 1 Rock
> Hovercar Key
> Crowbar
> Rusty Key
> Mailroom Key
> Map of Elkland
> T-Shirt
> Note from Chris
> Dollar Bill
> Backpack
> Gym Shorts
> Picket
> Digital Camera
> Purse
> High-Heeled Shoes
> Enrollment Sheet
> Timer

Here's a clue:
"Eggs are good for your health"

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