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RinkChat is typically an unmoderated forum in which Internet users, for the most part, speak freely. Content found in RinkChat, therefore, is not the creation of nor the responsibility of the owners of this web site. However, we do ask participants to adhere to our simple guidelines regarding the usage of the chat room. Although we claim no responsibility for the content in the chat room, we reserve the right to exercise preemptive measures against violators of our policy. Please read these rules prior to participating in the chat room.

  1. Keep it clean. RinkChat is a family forum. Please keep all discussions suitable for mixed company. Offensive user names and posting profanity, vulgarity, pornography, or links to pornography (for example) are strictly prohibited. (The rules on this are somewhat more lenient if you create a private room and only invite other people that you know to it. Pornography is still prohibited, but if you set up a private room where you can guarantee only willing adults will be permitted access, more mature content is OK.)

  2. Respect other participants. Disagreements are acceptable. Debates are acceptable. Flame wars are not. Please do not harass or flame other participants in this forum. This is particularly the case if you are the moderator of a public room that you create: be a responsible moderator.

  3. Keep it legal. The posting of copyrighted or illegal material is strictly prohibited.

  4. This site is not liable. Neither the owners, the operators, nor the staff of this web site can be held liable for participants infringing on these rules. Furthermore, if a third party has an issue with you over something you have said in the chat room, you must indemnify the owners, operators, and staff of this web site from any liability that may result.

  5. Participating constitutes acceptance. Participating in RinkChat room constitutes acceptance of these rules and denotes that you agree to adhere to them.

  6. Sometimes idle users are kicked, but this isn't disciplinary. Read more.