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How will you celebrate Stupid Day tomorrow?

Answer Number
Do stupid things.24 (8.1%)48.2142857142857
Reflect upon past incidents of stupidity.29 (9.7%)57.7380952380952
Send friends Stupid Day cards.7 (2.3%)13.6904761904762
Say "Duh" and "Doihh, cool!" a lot.4 (1.3%)7.73809523809524
Run out in the street and yell, "Stupid rules! Yay, stupid!"7 (2.3%)13.6904761904762
Have a Stupid Day party.8 (2.7%)16.0714285714286
Poke yourself in the eyes.19 (6.4%)38.0952380952381
Attend a stupidity appreciation seminar.4 (1.3%)7.73809523809524
Some of the above.52 (17.4%)103.571428571429
All of the above.44 (14.8%)88.0952380952381
Business as usual.100 (33.6%)200

A total of 298 people answered this question.