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What was the biggest Oscar nomination surprise?

Answer Number
Munich, for Best Picture8 (3.1%)16.5333333333333
Terrence Howard, for Best Actor4 (1.5%)8
Keira Knightley, for Best Actress39 (15.1%)80.5333333333333
William Hurt, for Best Supporting Actor5 (1.9%)10.1333333333333
Frances McDormand, for Best Supporting Actress1 (0.4%)2.13333333333333
Howl's Moving Castle, for Best Animated Feature11 (4.2%)22.4
Walk the Line missing from Best Picture49 (18.9%)100.8
David Cronenberg missing from Best Director5 (1.9%)10.1333333333333
Russell Crowe missing from Best Actor9 (3.5%)18.6666666666667
Ziyi Zhang missing from Best Actress15 (5.8%)30.9333333333333
Star Wars III missing from Best Visual Effects97 (37.5%)200
Double nominations for John Williams16 (6.2%)33.0666666666667

A total of 259 people answered this question.