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Do you homeschool your kids, or are you currently being homeschooled, and will you now take this poll question's suggestion of performing academic experiments at home to investigate why it is so difficult to straighten out a paper clip once you unbend it most of the way?

Answer Number
I'm a homeschooler, but I'll pass on this suggestion, thanks.23 (2.7%)11.2734864300626
I'm a homeschooler, and this sounds like it has lots of educational possibilities.14 (1.6%)6.68058455114823
I'm homeschooled, and I will take great care not to suggest this as a learning exercise.42 (4.9%)20.4592901878914
I'm homeschooled, and I'm already thinking about how to plot a graph that describes straightening effort as a function of preexisting unbendedness.35 (4.1%)17.1189979123173
I have nothing to do with homeschooling, and you're weird.410 (47.9%)200
I have nothing to do with homeschooling, but I'm going to try this out anyway!332 (38.8%)162.004175365344

A total of 856 people answered this question.