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What's the best Mel Brooks movie?

Answer Number
The Producers23 (8.6%)63.4686346863469
The Twelve Chairs2 (0.7%)5.1660516605166
Blazing Saddles51 (19%)140.221402214022
Young Frankenstein43 (16%)118.081180811808
Silent Movie2 (0.7%)5.1660516605166
High Anxiety2 (0.7%)5.1660516605166
History of the World, Part 114 (5.2%)38.3763837638376
Spaceballs73 (27.1%)200
Life Stinks2 (0.7%)5.1660516605166
Robin Hood: Men In Tights50 (18.6%)137.269372693727
Dracula: Dead and Loving It7 (2.6%)19.1881918819188

A total of 269 people answered this question.