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How are you celebrating Stupid Day today?

Answer Number
I'm going to do stupid things!14 (7.8%)44.5714285714286
I'm going to say stupid things!18 (10%)57.1428571428571
I'm going to think of stupid things!34 (18.9%)108
I'm going to pretend I'm smart, even though I'm really stupid!15 (8.3%)47.4285714285714
I'm going to pretend I'm stupid, even though I'm really stupid anyway!16 (8.9%)50.8571428571429
I'm going to be so stupid, that I'm not going to browse RinkWorks all day long!20 (11.1%)63.4285714285714
I'm going to stuff leaves down my shirt and make choo-choo noises at uninterested worms!63 (35%)200

A total of 180 people answered this question.