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You clean out your house and offer unwanted possessions for sale at your home. What do you call it?

Answer Number
Car Boot Sale65 (4.5%)17.0777988614801
Carport Sale5 (0.3%)1.13851992409867
Garage Sale753 (52.7%)200
Jumble Sale47 (3.3%)12.5237191650854
Lawn Sale12 (0.8%)3.03605313092979
Patio Sale4 (0.3%)1.13851992409867
Rummage Sale46 (3.2%)12.1442125237192
Sidewalk Sale16 (1.1%)4.17457305502846
Stoop Sale7 (0.5%)1.89753320683112
Tag Sale23 (1.6%)6.07210626185958
Thrift Sale9 (0.6%)2.27703984819734
Yard Sale442 (30.9%)117.267552182163

A total of 1429 people answered this question.