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What TV vehicle would you most want to own?

Answer Number
KITT ("Knight Rider")108 (27.7%)189.72602739726
General Lee ("Dukes of Hazzard")24 (6.2%)42.4657534246575
The GMC Van ("The A-Team")19 (4.9%)33.5616438356164
Street Hawk ("Street Hawk")3 (0.8%)5.47945205479452
Airwolf ("Airwolf")37 (9.5%)65.0684931506849
The Ford Gran Torino ("Starsky and Hutch")16 (4.1%)28.0821917808219
The Batmobile ("Batman")114 (29.2%)200
The Ferrari 308 GTS ("Magnum, P.I.")46 (11.8%)80.8219178082192
The Lotus 7 ("The Prisoner")21 (5.4%)36.986301369863
Autocar ("Automan")2 (0.5%)3.42465753424658

A total of 390 people answered this question.