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What do you write with the most?

Answer Number
Black Ballpoint Pen105 (31.3%)200
Blue Ballpoint Pen55 (16.4%)104.792332268371
Other Colored Ballpoint Pen6 (1.8%)11.5015974440895
Black Felt Tip Pen12 (3.6%)23.0031948881789
Blue Felt Tip Pen1 (0.3%)1.91693290734824
Other Colored Felt Tip Pen0 (0%)
Other Black Pen21 (6.3%)40.2555910543131
Other Blue Pen5 (1.5%)9.58466453674121
Other Other Colored Pen6 (1.8%)11.5015974440895
Regular Pencil30 (8.9%)56.8690095846645
Mechanical Pencil68 (20.2%)129.073482428115
Colored Pencil4 (1.2%)7.66773162939297
Crayon17 (5.1%)32.5878594249201
Marker6 (1.8%)11.5015974440895

A total of 336 people answered this question.